Three Things

What is Cleantech? Any technology, process or know-how that improves air, water, energy, climate change and natural resource conditions for life on earth.

1. We’re democratizing cleantech

Cleantech is not moving fast enough. The world of cleantech innovators and experts need unfettered access to commercial projects and partners. They also need to break out of their local networks to find global business opportunities. Only the chosen few ever make it through establishment channels of introductions, incubators, government programs or tier-one investors. Getcleantech is for the other 99% that have equally viable, game-changing innovations or projects. So, if you are in cleantech, if you invest in cleantech or fund cleantech projects, you should join or claim your profile now.

2. Getcleantech works while you sleep

We built this platform so cleantech people can be made aware of more projects, source innovative technologies and expand funding options. Unlike proprietary directories or static lists that you must actively study, our database is an open access, crowd-built database, powered by a unique matching algorithm. It will create matches based on your profiles and technology or project descriptions. When someone new joins or a new project is added that could be a match to your profile, we’ll send you an alert email. Then it’s up to you to decide what to do about it. If you’ve ever joined a dating site this may seem strangely familiar!

3. We're just getting started

Getcleantech’s contributors include entrepreneurs, developers, mad-scientists, lawyers, investment bankers, environmental and business students. We’re from Canada, the EU, Asia, the Caribbean and, some would argue, outer space. The one thing we have in common is we intend to be a valued resource for cleantech innovators to find and realize new business opportunities outside of their local networks.

Join. Connect. Expand. Getcleantech.