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Cleantech includes:

Agriculture & Soil Materials
Air & Carbon Emissions Smart Grid
Energy Efficiency & Green Building Transportation
Energy Generation Water & Wastewater
Energy Storage Waste & Recycling

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Our mission is to accelerate the adoption of cleantech worldwide. To achieve this Getcleantech aggregates innovation suppliers, experts and projects in an online platform - providing search, discovery and matching tools. Search results are based on best match, not on advertising or listing fees.

What is cleantech?

Products, technologies and solutions that reduce resource consumption or improve environmental footprints. Cleantech makes it possible for organisations to achieve energy, environmental and sustainability targets, while reducing costs.

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Founding Team

Susan Sheehan - Strategy and Marketing

Founding Member of Leapfrog Sustainability Inc.

Susan is an industry pioneer with more than 20 years in cleantech and environment industries. She is an MBA from Richard Ivey School of Business and has had a career in private and public institutions in and around environmental business, sustainability and cleantech.

Mark Hurst - Chief Technology Officer

Chief Scientist, Cirilab

Mark is a data scientist with over 15 years experience in the UK & Canada developing, directing and consulting in the software industry. He specializes in using algorithms to extract intelligence from data, with applications in text analytics and data analytics applied to knowledge mapping and discovery for intelligent communities, context modeling, semantic network visualization, statistical modeling, emergent market personas and web data extraction.

Gray Taylor - Strategic Partnerships

Counsel and Co-Chair of Climate Change and Emissions Trading Group, Bennett Jones LLP

Gray's career in corporate/commercial M&A finance and environmental/climate change law spans 35 years. As Counsel at Bennett Jones in Toronto he co-leads their climate change practise. Gray is an elected director of International Emissions Trading Association (IETA) and is co-chair of IETA Canadian Working Group. He is a global thought-leader in climate change and emissions trading as well as on renewable energy and other environmental issues. He provides strategic advice to select clean technology projects. Gray sits on the Editorial Advisory Board for Cleantech Canada.

Edwin Cheng - IT Research

Edwin is a self-taught IT developer and web designer, leveraging his degree in Environmental Management and Urban Planning. With several years work experience in urban planning and hands-on development in a range of industry projects, Edwin contributes his practical approach to agile development at getcleantech.

Dana Decent - Cleantech Research

Dana graduated in Environment & Business at the University of Waterloo as an environmental professional and has several years experience in sustainability research. She has taken part in numerous sustainability initiatives such as designing a carbon trading simulation for university classes, strategizing social media for a social innovation incubator, and conducting marketing research for the development of a sustainable community.

Kenneth Kwong - Cleantech Research

Kenneth is studying at the University of Waterloo, as an Honours Environment and Business candidate in the Cooperative program. Kenneth is pursuing career opportunities in clean technology and sustainability, and has cultivated his skills in research and analysis for these sectors.